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 Duel arena,s rules

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PostSubject: Duel arena,s rules   Thu Jun 10, 2010 4:08 am

so yea here are the rules :

1. you must say if it was a single or match

2. if somone post his duel , the other one must confirm if not you can take

screen shots .

3. you can post you duels with people that are not in the academy by taking

screens. but in that case your gonna get your gonna get only 30 dps

points :

if you win a single duel 1-0 you get 50 UDA points

if you win a match duel 2-0 you get 100 UDA points

if you win a match duel 2-1 you get 80 UDA points and the other one gets

20 UDA points.
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Duel arena,s rules
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